Alexandr Keldyushov She-bear

Alexandr Keldyushov She-bear


Коротко о книге Alexandr Keldyushov She-bear. The thunderous echo was still heard, and she-bear rushed out from the nearby bushes. As the result, thirteen men were dead…The story took place in the forestry of Klyuevka. But ignoring the wounds, she swept away the murderers of her bear-cub… Two blows… Two deaths…The loss of the bear-cub, physical wounds, pain, and rage made she-bear seek vengeance. After learning the terrible news, Mikhail refused to participate in the raid, realizing that he and she-bear had experienced the same grief. The novel is based on the real events that took place in Buryatia in 1986.In the taiga, poachers killed the bear-cub in the thrill of the race. In connection with the appearance of the bear-killer in the region, the local forester decided to conduct a large-scale raid. He gathered a group of experienced hunters, headed by the senior hunter Mikhail Svetlov, and set them the task to kill the wounded she-bear. And he could not take the life of she-bear… of the mother, as she had become a killer only because of the people.But nobody could predict that the fate of the unhappy young family and she-bear would be unexpectedly connected. And men fired again. His wife gave birth to a baby… Unfortunately, the baby was dead. And the outcome was soon to come… While Mikhail was in the forest and prepared traps for the beast, a tragedy happened in his family.

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Херден Э. Долгое молчание

Хэнкок Г., Бьювэл Р., Григзби Дж. Тайны Марса. История заката двух миров

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